Journal 2/14/12b

Cia's not really in a great way, with this Gottii thing, and having to deal with what she should do about her mother on top of it. She didn't want serious, and now he needs serious and she...

Well, it's not good. It's taking her back to a place that's not good. She said they were making her be this person that Gottii wants her to be for him. I'm going to talk with Gottii, see if I can make him understand. He must not realize what it's doing to her.

He sent me a message, wants to talk. I hope we can sort it out talking.

At least Cia wasn't too deep into it, I think she will be ok if things go well. I suggested we do out shrink-homework together - or at least nearby eachother - and she thought it was a good idea. She's going to bake a cake.

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