Journal 2/9/12

Caught Nerila scoring - buying herself stims. She claimed she needed them for stomach flu, since she is barred from medical on Cia's ships these days. Claims she's been clean since before the funeral. I made her go to a clinic instead.

Turns out it wasn't the stomach flu.

Nerila's first reaction was - she just wants it to end, everything maybe. Cia wants to help her. She helped Cia, more than I think I realized, though; back when she was still CMO and Cia... When there were all those problems. The Tenebrae bitch and everything. Now Nerila is in it up to her neck, and I can just imagine Cia thinking of it in terms of rivers and friends with rope.

Maybe she's right.

I suggested Cia bring Hiri in too, shrinks being experts on that kinda stuff. Which reminds me, I should work on that 'homework' Hiri gave me. I've put it off long enough.

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