Journal 2/26/12

Hiri says I should just try to believe it wasn't my fault. That they should have come for us, and that I did make the best decision. That it- that it didn't work out isn't my fault. That's what I'm supposed to tell myself.

She said it's like this vine - mile-a-minute vine. It's a poisonous weed, and there's almost no way to get rid of it, except to plant another plant - farmer's friend. You plant farmer's friend next to the mile-a-minute vine and it starves it of nutrients. That's what I need to do, with those memories. Supplant them with something that's not as harmful. And if it's not my fault, I know whose it is.

Cia's still have trouble talking about what happened, but there was some progress.

She made a cheesecake too, it was delicious. Double chocolate.

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