NEOCOM SYSTEMS FILE: Outgoing Correspondence: Amieta Invelen 20.2.112

Here's the report you wanted. I rewrote it and then replaced references to myself, like you asked.

Intel indicated the target was a lightly defended (3-4 security; professional, unmodified, unpowered armor + staff)space based lab facility involved in pharma and narcotic research and small-scale synthesis. Blood Raider affiliated. Operation profile was for a single platoon, light loadout.

Platoon commander was Captain Amieta Invelen Jirai Korama.

At 0300, 23.9.100 the lab's maintenance airlock was breached and the team infiltrated the facility. The first 3 primary compartments were cleared without enemy contact.

A booby-trapped blast door sealed shut behind the platoon after they entered the active area of the installation. I Captain Korama ordered the platoon to take up defensive positions and sent automatic scouts to get a clear tactical picture.

Remote scouting revealed heavy, prepared defensive positions. Approx company strength. Heavy armor and weapons.

I The Captain kept the platoon in defensive positions and ordered Cpl. Takiinen to raise command on comms and request backup. Contact could not be established. That's about when the blooders vented the section's atmo.

Their heavier equipment allowed them to operate in an unpressurized environment nearly indefinitely. The lighter suits of Captain Korama's platoon lacked oxygen reserves/air reprocessing capabilities for sustained operation in that environment.

I The Captain had the platoon hunker down, hoping reinforcements would come. Contact was not re-established with control, and they never came. Couldn't find any way to breach the blast door. I Captain Korama considered an assault on the blooder positions, but we wouldn't have made it casualties would have been total. By waiting there was a chance that reinforcements would arrive, and we would still be alive.

Reinforcements didn't come. The platoon was captured intact once we were incapacitated by oxygen deprivation.

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