Journal 2/20/12

Cia visited to catch up and work on our respective 'shrink homework'. She brought a cake. I told her about what I talked with Hiri about, the family thing. She wasn't upset, not about that anyway. She used to have a dream, the same sort of worrying, I guess. Back before the tunnels. So she understood. I felt, just, relieved.

We tried to work on our homework. I think hers is the harder. I mean, it's a decision she's going to have to make. Mine, well. It's just things that happened. The past.

I tried to be supportive, and with how it's making her feel, I suggested maybe talking to Hiri before working on it too much more. Told her noone can make her someone she isn't.

She helped me too. Talked through what happened with me. I think having gone through it like that, told Cia, it might be easier to write down the way Hiri wants. She says they should have come for us. That I did what was best. It still doesn't feel that way, but she's probably right. With what happened after, though, it's hard thinking it was the best thing.

The cake was delicious.

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