Journal 4/27/11

Well, first thing is first, need to get down the last bit of the party. Jack Madison showed up, charming as always, and gave me this great, huge knife. It was awesome, the better part of a machete almost. I can think of a few times I could have used something like that. Fun chatting with him, and I think Sarakai was rather taken with him, to be honest.

Ruby showed up too, and Zegerth. Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever taken the time to go over proper social interaction with those two. Maybe it is just different, them coming from a different culture - Ruby from somewhere in Stain I think, and Zegerth from.... Wherever Zeg is from. In any case, mixing them and Camille just isn't a good idea. That girl even got Tanith into a conversation about weapons.

And the cake Ruby brought, it was... Well, I'm sure she meant well, but it was horrifying. Mustard and some sort of berry and sour cream, and I don't know what. Maybe her taste buds are modified too. A couple of us managed to choke some down and make polite noises at least.

Math came back near the end of the party, and brought a present this time. It's this beautifully crafted hybrid rifle, from Khanid space, he said. I tried it down at the range earlier and it was incredible. A wonder of engineering and art.

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