Journal 4/29/11

Word's come down the line we will be stepping up operations against Ethereal Dawn, Intrepid Crossing, and their allies. Things are a little stretched getting the Ideal, Spring, Pattern, Discord, and Rain all in top combat shape. We've started keeping combat loads and ready crews in all of them, just in case, since mission orders can come in on short notice. Aerer and Adazai are starting to look a little rough around the edges, and I don't think Anjell's slept in a few days - though honestly that isn't so uncommon for him. Still, they're keeping everything running, which is its own sort of miracle. I think I'm going to need to expand the staff again though, with all these spirits-damned new ships.

All that is just for operations against other podders. The Glamour has been refit - yet again - for hunting down whatever. There's a new Sacrilege (the King) and a new Raven (the Myth) as well, all for similar operations in Wormholes or against the local Cartel presence.

What all of it means is a lot of paperwork for me.

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