Journal 5/13/11

Saw Cia at the Last Gate. We chatted a bit and she invited me over for dinner.

Security procedures seem to have really gone to hell on her ship. They were just going to stand there and let me walk aboard. Fully armed, no scans, no screening. Cia's idea of course. I'm afraid I dressed down the marine on duty - PFC Lageen? Legeen? Something like that. Not his fault of course, but still I needed to let her security people in general know about my concerns. I talked to Cia a bit later and I'm fairly sure she will put more reasonable procedures in place now, at least. Or let her CTO do it.

I talked with Camille about being more understanding of her sister and Cia about trusting Camille with more of the truth about what is going on - to limited success I'm afraid.

Dinner itself was delicious as usual. Cia will always have a fallback career as a chef if this piloting thing falls through. We discussed the upcoming festival in Debreth and how cia is thinking about a change in who she works for. Don't blame her, never much liked Lai Dai.

Surveillance continues on Rolasque and some of his associates. Nothing new yet.

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