Journal 5/16/11

We - Silver and I - attended the Malkalen anniversary vigil yesterday. Hell of a thing, remembering what is was like. All the bullshit that got set off by that mess. Verin Hakatain gave a very nice speech, and unveiled a memorial made from a section of the plating from the Wandering Saint. It has all the names of the people who died in tiny letters.

Anyway, hit the gate afterward for much needed drinks, though Silver left early. It was nice chatting with Hitome, Verin, Kyoko, Verone, and Kale. Anyway, most everyone had left, it was me and Verone, the pauses were getting a bit awkward, and Cia showed up with impeccable timing. I practically sprinted over to the bar I'm afraid, I do hope Verone wasn't offended. I have been a bit concerned about Cia though recently. She seemed to be doing alright, at least at first. Then Math'ra showed up. I did remember to ask him about who made that rifle he gave me, as now Sarakai seems to have set her sights - haha - on one. I have to make sure and follow up on that with him.

Anyway, we got into a discussion about crew, and then moved on to other matters, and Cia didn't quite seem there. She kept drifting off, or forgetting what she was saying. On top of that the things she did say - some of them certainly didn't sound much like her. I smelled someone screwing with her head again. She mentioned old friends. In any case, I started recording everything with my optical implant. I sent that and some notes to Dr Harefnem. I have been pushing Cia to make an appointment, and I'm afraid since she keeps avoiding it I finally resorted to tricking her. I told her I needed a shrink - as if - and asked if she would come along. I felt a bit bad, but you have to do what you have to do. It is for her own good, after all.

I'm glad I did too. Camille called and confirmed what I had feared - Cia had been visited by Dr Tenebrae, who had apparently taken the opportunity to renew her lease on the poor girl's brain. Cia, not Camille. I'd like to see someone try brainwashing on Camille. I'm glad she thought to com me, in any case. I sometimes wonder how it is that Cia is the one who ended up with the ship and not Cia. I'm pretty sure I know which of them is more naive.

Anyway, got that all pretty much squared away, then we have Morwen, who shows up and starts plowing through drinks. Now, she is usually is nearly connected to Aurora at the hip, but apparently hadn't seen her in a couple days. Even more worrying for her since just before this unusual separation, she had confessed to having more than friendly feelings toward Aurora apparently.

I don't really see it myself. I mean, I'm not into the ladies anyway, and Aurora is pretty enough - and talented. But she is so damn shy, and wishy-washy. I wouldn't be able to stand it. Anyway, I guess a couple of other people had the same thing to confess to Aurora the same spirits-damned day. Talk about drama. I assured Morwen that should I see Aurora, I would let her know that Morwen was concerned. Glad I don't have any complications like that at least.

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