Journal 5/18/11

Went to Dr Harefnem's office today with Cia. I went in first, supposedly for my own evaluation, so I could discuss what we could do with the doctor. Harefnem seems to have a bit of a weak stomach about what might have to be done, but he's the only thing I can think of. We hammered out something like a plan. We have to get Cia back in her old body - the one with the implants. The one she would probably rather biomass than ever visit again. I'm going to have to lie to her - betray her even more. I'm at my wit's end though, and this is all there is left, short of holding a gun to her head. Short of... Well, I know for a fact it is better to be dead than a blooder's pet. The real Cia will be dead, if we can't do something about what has happened.

In any case, I'll use Camille and myself as the bait, to get her to jump back, after I trick her. She might never forgive me, but better that I lose a friend than a friend loses her life. Then it will be up to the doctor to convince her, to do whatever it is he does. To fix her.

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