Journal 5/9/11

We nabbed an Anshar jump freighter yesterday during one of our regular sweeps. Bunch of Exalted. in-system and the poor dumb bastard still jumps in. Don't the people practice even basic security? Anyway, even Silver can't complain about an Anshar, hardly anyone aboard.

Went to the gate afterward and saw Hitome and Ciarente there. Hadn't talked to Hitome much since the party, it was good to see her. Apparently she had a bit of a run in with Blooders, but Veto saved the day. Sounds like they didn't have ahold of her too long at least, but I guess her and her friends lost a lot of people. Fucking Blooders.

Other than that everything seems to be going well with everyone. Hitome seems really happy with Kale. Cia and Camille sound like they are doing alright, though Camille is still mostly refusing to speak to Cia. I guess Camille is doing so well in school she will be taking extension classes. Cia is still a little more... relaxed about piloting than she was. It is worrying me a bit.

In other news, apparently Ghost Festival and Veto have taken to flying together. A bit of a surprise, but business is business. I don't know what effect it will have on our relationship with Veto - which has always been quite friendly. Above my paygrade in any case I guess.

The doctor - the Angel Cartel doctor that escaped - didn't even leave the damn system! We've got him under surveillance and my tech guys tell me we'll have everything backtracked - and possibly even deleted sensor logs restored - soon as well.

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