Employee Records: Kasa Adazai

Name: Adazai, Kasa (Deceased 8.10.11)
Rank: Colonel
Position: Formerly Chief Engineering Officer, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Engineering, Office located in compartment number 83RS
EID: OE975293
DOB: 9.25.49
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Baratar X M9, Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support
Citizenship: Khanid Kingdom
Age: 61
Height: 177cm
Mass: 72kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Grey
Bloodtype: O-
Augmentations: Minor memory and processing augmentations
  • 70: Kingdom Naval Academy, (Ensign)
  • 74: Kingdom Technical School, PhD, Particle Physics/PhD, Starship Engineering
  • 76: Lieutenant/Journeyman Reactor Technician.
  • 70: Ensign/Apprentice Reactor Tech, Scourge of Heretics, Maller-class
  • 73: Ensign/Apprentice Reactor Tech, Divine Sun, Apocalypse-class
  • 76: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned as Reactor Technician First Class, Orthodoxy, Archon-class
  • 84: Promoted, Lieutenant-Commander, Deputy Engineering Officer, Siege of Halenenfal, Armageddon-class
  • 89: Chief of Engineering, Siege of Halenenfal, Armageddon-class
  • 93: Chief of Engineering, Kahmi's Stand, Apocalypse-class
  • 97: Deputy Director, Office of Engineering and Maintenance, Baratar X M9, Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support
  • 103: Part-time Lecturer, Starship Engineering and Technology, Arani University
  • 105: Author, The Coming Age: How Caldari Technology and Khanid Know-How Will Change the Kingdom, Lai-Dai Press, 978-0553380958
  • 109: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Inter-personal conflict with Major Tukaya has been cause for concern. Performance otherwise exemplary.

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