Journal 8/16/11

Went to Camille's birthday party. She seemed happy, and Cia seemed to be doing well too. I hadn't seen either of them in a while, with this damn murder investigation and all. I got Cami a book on some of the Legion's battles, which I hope she'll enjoy. I felt a bit outdone by some of the other presents, like the lovely quilt Matariki got her. That's alright though, I guess it isn't a competition.

Bunch of alliance folks were there. Carinelle, Killjoy, Isobel. Camille threw up on Seriphyn after she had too many cupcakes. Edthin, who is a friend of Seriphyn's apparently. Ulf wasn't there, and I can understand why, though it's still too bad.

I did see Ulf at the Shackled Amarr. Sarakai showed up to tell me that she has a suspect, who is being tailed, and she stayed for drinks. Water, in her case. We chatted a bit, conversation turned to family and money. All Sarakai said was that her mother died when she was young. Understatement, that is Sarakai. I'm afraid the money bit might have dredged some things up for her, but she seemed fine.

Ulf's clan lands sound beautiful. He said that they used to send off most of the men to be soldiers, but not so much anymore. All the money coming in from him and Matariki, I guess. Must be good, knowing you can help your family like that.

Jack Madison showed up too. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and not taking orders, he has started doing wrecking and salvage, which seems very much his sort of line. He's been freelancing, I knew he had done a bit for Silver and also doing some work for Cia.

KJ, who's a director and was also at the birthday party, joined us a bit before I left. He seems nice enough, but I didn't have the time to get much of a read on him.

Anyway, lots of new people, interesting times.

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