Journal 8/22/11

So, Ulf was nice enough to let Sarakai go down and use the firing range on his clan lands. Apparently she had a good time. It's just so damn difficult to find decent sized firing ranges except on planets.

So, I was busy most of the day, without my CTO, but I managed. Even managed to go to the social event - I think she called it a shopping op - Cia organized for the alliance at the Rens Bazaar.

Really, I had to go, so I could talk with Cia. She sent me a message, someone had been causing her trouble. I passed it up to Silver, but I wanted to talk with her about it. Make sure she knew, we were there for her. Of course, the shopping was ok too.

Commissioned a pendant for myself, something that should match my arms, I hope. Cia and Cami got stuff from the same jeweler, think the woman's name was Agnes. Apparently she does hauling too, might have to mention to Silver. Met some other members of the alliance, and Math and another woman showed up, which was awkward, him being Amarr. Still, on the balance, a success, I think. Hope Cia organizes more of them.

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