Journal 8/7/11

I met a shrink at the Bazaar. Hiri. Seemed nice enough, a little young. She manage to hold her own with Camille I think, which certainly says good things about her. Said she was on-station for an interview with a podder, to be on staff for their crew. Ancestors shelter the girl if she gets that job.

Thought about asking her about things, but, well. Need to find my own shrink, I guess. Sooner or later.

Silver's been out, flying combat with the new alliance. No real major engagements in the last couple days. He has been filling the time by buying ships left and right. I mean, honestly, I look at some of them and wonder why he needs them. He has five Hurricanes! Five!

He can only fly one spirits-damned ship at a time!

And of course each new ship has to be processed, checked for infestations, crewed, found a place in the hangar, added to a slot in the maintenance rotations.

Guess who has to do all that paperwork. I'll give you a hint: Not Silver!

Bit of irony, he got a set of those Sansha implants too, the ones that help a pilot interface with their armor systems? How about that, he waits until after leaving the Nation to get them. Still, anything that makes my crew a bit safer, I'm all for. Don't care if it comes with spikes.

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