Journal 8/19/11

Talked with Ulf at Lenfa's Place again. I'm beginning to value it, being able to get away, sit, have some snacks and talk to someone. He was worried, about the things podders do - the things he does - and how he felt about it. I tried to help him talk it out, I hope it helped.

Then we talks about hobbies, and about his clan lands. They sound great, at least to visit. Planets still aren't the kind places I would want to live. A bit about his clan, which is run by the 'Aunties' who are mostly the older women in the clan. He invited me to go sailing too, which I should take him up on.

I'm also starting to wonder if he's sweet on Sarakai. Would certainly be an entertaining couple, and I guess the things he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Speaking of Sarakai, she and Tanith have detained a suspect in Kasa's murder. One of the enlisted guys from engineering. Apparently he was reprimanded for harassing another crew-member and he took it out on Kasa. What a stupid fucking waste. Kasa wasn't backed up, for religious reasons. I lost a friend, and a valuable officer just because this asshole - Eleges Appaer - was pissed about a black mark on his record. Well, he is going to have a hell of a lot more than a black mark to worry about now.

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