Journal 8/7/11b

Had a drink at the Shackled Amarr with Cia and Ulf. Seems like things are going really well with them. Cia seemed to be drinking a bit, and Ulf was a little worried it might have been something he did, though he wasn't specific beyond assuring me it wasn't something intentional. Still, they seemed to be getting along fine, made plans for him to help her practice with a new ship - a Helios.

It was nice, having a drink with friends, where everyone just seemed to be pretty, you know, normal. No podder bullshit, for all piloting was the topic of conversation.

Silver showed up, and about then was when I had to leave to take care of a crew issue. Hope he is having a good time, spirits know he could unwind a little more often.

For now I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with Tukaya and Kasa. I mean, a fist fight? Between senior officers? This isn't an intra-system cargo barge wallowing around with a hold full of garbage, that kind of shit is unacceptable. It's a spirits-damned carrier and these assholes think professionalism is out the lock. Just because we're a private organization doesn't mean they can do whatever the damn well please. I think it is obvious I'm going to need to fix discipline, starting with making an example of them.

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