Journal 8/8/11

Gave Adazai and Tukaya a good little talk and they are confined to their quarters until I decide on thier final disposition. Tempted to just kick both of them off. Would be looking worse if Tukaya had thrown the first punch, since Adazai is a superior officer. I suspect leaving two Khanid citizens in the middle of the Republic just now would be punishment enough, though.

All comes from before they were hired. Turns out one of my people found them both in this backwater Khanid system, Baratar. Apparently someone's family did something to someone else's family and the rest is sordid history. They are both sure that the other has it in for them, and equally sure they didn't start it. Typical, I guess. I'll let them stew for now. Wish they wouldn't both be a pain in the ass to replace.

I need a drink.

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