Journal 8/9/11

Well, Cia dumped Ulf, and I'm not sure if it was the right or wrong thing for her to do. Ultimately, I guess it's up to her, and if boyfriend trouble is her biggest problem, that's alright by me.

Things started alright. The four of us (Cia, Ulf, Cami and me) were grabbing a bite at Michell's. It's a kind of fancy burger joint. Anyway, everything seemed fine. Lots of Camille being Camille mostly. Mention of a certain rumor involving Silver and Ulf. I mean, a good time with friends and family.

Not even sure how it happened, but next thing I know Cia is crying and Ulf is leaving. He seemed like a good guy. Solid, pretty dependable, loyal, has a good family, from what I understand. Still, I guess all that doesn't mean he is the right guy.

I started trying to talk Cia out of it, but mostly stopped myself I think. I mean, it's her decision, she's the one who was with the guy, right? You support family.

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