Journal 8/25/11

Managed to get away for a couple hours from prepping the new Thanatos for active duty, hit the Bazaar.

I was mostly just window shopping when I ran into that shrink, Hiri, again. Apparently, the captain whose ship she is trying to get a job on is Cia! Bit of a surprise. Small cluster, I guess. she was pretty down on her chances, but hell, I'm tempted to offer her a job if she doesn't get a berth with Cia.

Saw Agnes Dei too. She makes jewelry and hauls. Kinda an odd combination, but I managed to make a deal with her, so she would make me a piece for free if Silver hired her for a job, which he did. Now I just have to wait for my piece to be completed.

Anyway, the three of us grabbed some Kofte, then hit Lenfa's Place. I'm sorry I had to leave early to get back to the Thant.

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