Journal 1/5/12

We found Nerila. Nabbed her in the terminal at Jita. S&S flagged it when she used her real name to book a shuttle ticket. Took her to a place we rented off the hub, she didn't give us too much trouble.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with her. Killing her, for running like that when Cia needed her, that would have been simplest. I almost did. Cia won't have Mitch's funeral without Nerila there, though. I think the crew needs it, Cia needs it. I think Mitch deserves as much, too.

So, she's going to that funeral. After that, she can go back to running away, for all I care.

In the mean time, I tossed her in the brig after confiscating what she had on her. Sarakai's keeping an eye on her. She should be sobered up and through withdraws well before she's needed in public. I'm not gonna kill her, but she is at least going to face up to everything without taking any shit to pad the impact.

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