Journal 1/10/12

Silver went to the Patriot's Locker Room, to catch the tail end of the celebration.

EM managed to help kick the Mary outta the Republic, and now they are going back to their regular jobs, anti-piracy work and such. It feels good to be part of an alliance that accomplished something like that.

Morar was there, apparently. Silver seemed concerned that he might be holding a grudge.

And KJ and Evanda Char are an item, now apparently. Silver was, of course, a little scandalized that they were quite so public about it.

I asked him about talking to Dr Char for me, maybe. He said he could, but I could do it myself. He said she is very approachable. He was making an effort to call her 'Eva'. And this is Silver, who doesn't take a trip to the head without considering what's 'appropriate' corporate procedure.

He said Cia was there, too, not doing so great. Short of breath, stuff like that.

The eggheads have been testing the nanites, and from what they are reporting, the little guys might be just the thing to make their treatment work. Something about the the transplant/clone interface or something. The point is the nanites seem to make it work. The labcoats have some questions, though. And they might need a lot more nanites, faster than they can culture them, soon.

So I'll send a message to see if Eva will talk with me.

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