Journal 1/12/12b

When I went to tell Cia about the new clone, the one that would be healthy, she could barely make it to the door when I knocked. I shoulda just gone in. I was a little worried she wouldn't even be able to make it to the jump cloning hub.

We did though, and she told me she wanted me there, when she woke up. So I went.

It was a pretty quick trip, so I managed to get there before she jumped. The clone - the new, healthy body for her - just lay there, empty. I was worried something might have gone wrong, some last minute glitch or something, but then it twitched, and opened its eyes and it was Cia all of a sudden.

She said she felt different. Better.

It worked.

And Cia was crying, and hugging me, and I felt like- It was- Cia's better.

She raced me, to Silver's hangar. Raced me, and I could hardly keep up. I got there just in time to see her run right into Silver. They both went down in a pile, which is still making me smile as I write this.

I owe CJ, and Ulf, and KJ, and Ken, and Eva. All the people who helped save her. More than I can probably ever repay.

Anyway, she said she is going to make a cake, and have us over for dinner, soon. Unfortunately I promised her I'd cook a dinner too, soon. I'll have to find something - maybe some sort of instant noodles?

Well, it's not a bad problem to have, what to cook.

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