Journal 1/3/12

Talked to Luisa, not sure how much good it did. She's spirits-damned stubborn and stuck in her way of doing things. A way that's gonna leave Cia with a wreck of a crew.

Speaking of Cia, Silver and I got messages from Agnes. Well, the same message. I told Agnes I didn't think there was anything I could do, but... Well, Silver showed me the AAR Cia wrote, and she's really losing it. CJ even made her dock up during the op. CJ sent Silver a message too. Silver's worried - I hadn't told him quite how serious the situation is, though I'm sure he has some idea, in a textbook kind of way.

Agnes is right. I'm going to go talk to her, and maybe bring someone with rank in the corporation. Someone who'll give a shit. And make sure she has the immediate medical support she needs. I'm bringing Nari to check on her too. I think I've been too focused on finding a cure, and not paid enough attention. Been too much there instead of here, Cia might say.

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