Journal 1/2/12

Saw Cia and CJ at the EM get-together. Guess everyone else must have been off at the war still. It was good to see CJ though. I owe her, for her help.

When I got back to the Ideal, I went to check on the progress of the eggheads. They have a cure, they say. It should work theoretically, they say. The geneticist CJ got us, Agiani, he seemed a little reluctant. I told him I don't care if they have to throw orphans in a giant blender - he was going to do it or I was going to fucking rearrange his internal organs with my bare hands.

I might have gotten a little heated, but I'm not going to let some intellectual's weak stomach get in the way of what needs to be done. They said maybe a few weeks, for proper testing and everything. I gave them 1 week.

On the way out, I saw Nualla of all people. She was getting tested, for the fits she has. Epilepsy, the med-tech said. I guess it's cigarettes, the medtech had me smoke right there, and sure enough, Nualla started spouting prophesies. About fortune's blessing - that's what they call getting pregnant - and the coin being in my hand.

This thing they're doing for Cia, these clones, embryos or fetuses or whatever. Real clones, not made out of biomass. Grown. Something like that, well. They could probably make eggs, too. After Cia's better. I can tell her then.

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