Journal 1/12/12

Evanda Char came to the Ideal, to give blood, to help Cia. I made sure Nari was the one to do it, himself. I don't think he was thrilled about it.

We chatted, Eva and I, while she was getting the blood drawn. I asked about the nanites, and she talked about how she used to trick Amarrians and trap them, though not so much, anymore.

She asked about my prosthetics, so I explained I'd had an accident. That it wasn't Sansha tech, mostly Zainou. She's had a little experience with Zainou too.

She still isn't quite what I expected. She seems more like a regular person than some CEO, or VIP.

The doctors say they got what they needed, the new clone is ready now. I've gotta go tell Cia.

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