Journal 1/11/12

I talked with Eva, and Silver was right. She isn't quite what I expected, from a CEO. I guess you never stop being Caldari, though.

She said she considered the corporation like family. That Cia was important to her. She didn't hesitate to volunteer her blood, if we need it. The nanites only last a couple hours in someone else's body, so the doctors might need a lot of them to transfuse over several hours. Keep the concentration up as long as needed.

A CEO who is literally willing to bleed for her employees. I can think of some people who could learn a thing or two from her.

She showed me what the nanites could do, too. I mean, I knew, kinda,but I hadn't seen them in action. She cut her hand, and it scabbed over fast. It was a matter of maybe a minute, and it was just a fresh looking scar, when she peeled the scab off.

She said there shouldn't be any serious side effects. There was some kind of rumor that there might be something wrong with her nanites - things happening to people around her, I guess. They checked and didn't find anything, though. Just unlucky, maybe.

From what the doctors say, they might be ready to prep a clone any time now.

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