Journal 1/26/12

Well, I cooked dinner for Silver, Cia, and Cami yesterday. I think it went, well, ok. Cia even had two helpings. That's gotta be a good sign, right? Though Cami and Silver were less enthusiastic.

I think I'll stick to eating and leave the cooking to Cia when I can. Cia brought a cake, though, and what a fucking cake.

Looked like it was about 2 meters across, and about 2 tall. Can't imagine the work she musta put in - with Cami's help, of course. It was delicious. Real cherries and everything. Made sure the medical people, and Sara's people who helped, and everyone, got pieces too. They deserve it, for the job they did.

Saved a fair bit for myself, of course.

After we had finished eating, we got to talking about Cia's new officers, CMO, CTO, XO and so on - apparently three are Amarr, or at least from the empire - and Cami let slip, well...

I mean, I know she's spirits-damned sharp. That seed money Cia gave her has apparently become quite a lot, for example. Still I - we - underestimate her. Gave us a bit of a shock.

Oh, and Cia mentioned this rumor that Cami is Silver's daughter and Cia is her mother. Silver's face was priceless. I don't think I've ever seen him so mortified. It was even better than the statue incident.

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