Journal 1/7/12

Went to see Cia earlier. I was planning on waiting, until she was better, to talk to her about what Nualla said. About the possibility we could give her back a chance to have Fortune's blessing. It seemed like she was doing so much better, though, at least for a little while now, since she clone jumped. And it seemed right, that maybe the body she can finally be healthy in again would be... whole.

I told her about how Nualla changes sometimes, and how the other parieurs lied, and Nualla caught them. Cia still thought it was wrong, at first. I think she was afraid she was just lying to herself if she wanted those other parieurs to be wrong. I kept pressing, though. Too much, spirits help me. Cia started having trouble catching her breath, and the med techs had to come in.

After, I kept talking to her. More carefully. She said it was ok, that I should talk to her.

Said she didn't know. I asked her to trust me. Maybe Nualla is just crazy, or an epileptic, or whatever. That doesn't mean she isn't right.

Cia trusts me to do what's right, and I will. Up to me to let the coin drop, Nualla said.

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