Journal 1/24/12

Managed to sneak away to Eva and Cia's girls night. Cia sure knows how to throw a party. Champagne, food, and pretty waiters - plenty of all three. A little too pretty for my tastes, though nice to look at.

Had quite a good showing. Cia and Eva, CJ, Agnes, Mata, even Elsebeth Rhiannon. Quite a few I wasn't familiar with: Mary, who is KJ's assistant, of some sort? Taizu, Misla and Valatie who are more pilots in EM.

It was a great time. Dancing, cake, I even found a guy who wasn't too pretty to dance with. We got more than a little tipsy and the conversation went all sorts of places. I don't really know most of the leaders in EM outside their files, and clearly there are some areas of those files that could use elaboration. Particularly the male leaders.

There were other topics, of course. Security, and social matters - who's with who and what everyone likes, and all kinds of things. Eva asked us who was armed, and she had some impressive weapons herself.

The people in EM, and particularly in Re-Aw, are great. Mostly. I always say it's none of my business who Silver works for. I work for him, and I trust his judgment. Which is true, as far as it goes.

This time I think we're in the right place though.

Cake and panties!

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