Journal 1/4/12

Went with Ulf to see Cia, to ask her not to fly until she's better. When we arrived, the Fortune's Fist was under lockdown, under Luisa's orders. Ulf managed to get us aboard, along with Helmi. Said he was there to investigate Cia for a friendly fire incident. We found Luisa just standing outside the pod chamber, with Cia on the other side not responding to the intercom.

At first Luisa wanted us to leave. So she could stand there scared to put a toe over some imaginary line for a little longer, no doubt. We - Ulf, Helmi and I - convinced her to open the door after Cia still wasn't responding to the intercom. Good thing she agreed, too. I thought Helmi might start blasting her way through obstacles, and I don't know that I wouldn't have been right there with her.

Cia was inside, on the floor. Conscious but delirious. Trying to get her jacket on, and she thought someone had stolen her real jacket and replaced it with one that 'didn't work'. Ulf called a stretcher, I think, and we managed to get her onto it. Even with both of us, I could tell it hurt her, the pressure on her skin.

And her skin was... It wasn't pleasant.

She got to medical, and I think it was touch and go for a while. They ended up frying her bone marrow with radiation - solved the delirium and all that, but you can't live long without functional bone marrow. They jumped her into another clone. The transfer went ok. She won't have much time in this one either, though. I've been dropping in, and it's deceptive. She looks so much better now, but it won't last.

Agiani needs to come up with results.

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