Employee Records: Takosha Nari

Name: Nari, Takosha
Rank: Major
Position: Chief Medical Officer, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Medbay, Office located in compartment number 3MB
EID: OM194836
DOB: 12.2.25
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Saisio III
Citizenship: Caldari State
Age: 85
Height: 167cm
Mass: 60kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Grey
Bloodtype: AB+
Augmentations: -
  • 47: Tolaskita University, College of Biology, Graduate
  • 53: MD, PhD, Tobirda Medical School
  • 76: Zainou Institute of Applied Medicine
  • 54: Private practice, Saisio III
  • 76: Sukuuvestaa, Office of Development
  • 78: Chief of Medicine, 0-R5TS II colony. (Colony unprofitable, funding terminated. Survivors evacced 7/81)
  • 82: Deputy Medical Officer, Akora's Promise, Osprey-class
  • 84: Medical Officer, Profit in Adversity, Badger-class
  • 87: Ship's Doctor, Living Wage, Exequror-class
  • 90: Chief Medical Officer, Halcyon Night, Megathron-class
  • 93: 3rd Medical Officer, Divine Countenance, Revelation-class
  • 100: DMO, Laughter's Children, Thanatos-class
  • 108: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Dr Nari's bedside manner is not popular. Despite that he has been an extremely effective physician and administrator of the Medical section for the Ideal.

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