Journal 7/25/11

Hit the Gate, saw Math there and managed to talk to him about that present for Sarakai. Pretty sure she'll appreciate it. That Reimei guy was there too, with a nosebleed. He said something about implants, who hasn't used that excuse. I think he probably just needs to cut down on the crash.

Talked with Cia. Seems she and Camille are still kinda getting over shit. Which is understandable. Spirits know the nightmares can follow you. I think she is hesitant to get any, well, professional help, since what happened to Harefnem. Don't blame her, really, but I think she should get the help anyway. Me advocating using a shrink. Maybe time will do though, if she doesn't.

Went to Luisa's birthday party. Luisa, Cia's XO. I don't think Luisa was entirely approving, but I think it helped when Cia trotted out Luisa's family. she had flown them over on the Interbus for the festivities. The whole thing kinda made me miss the days when Silver had a crew small enough most of them could fit in one place.

Was almost a bit of trouble when Nerila, the CMO, and Mitch, the head engineer, made it overly evident that they were in a relationship. I think Luisa was about to rip them a new one for violating standing orders so, uh, publicly. It's been going on for months, but Luisa had been turning a blind eye, I suspect. And Cia didn't have a clue, apparently. I mean, how does that work, if you are your ship, I would think you would know about people, uh, being involved aboard.

Cia intervened before Luisa could really start to reprimand them, which, well. A captain publicly interfering with her XO is not, as Ulf observed, a good thing. It worked out in the end, and we got a surprise wedding! I think Luisa was happy for them, once they weren't breaking regs anymore. And Cia got to perform a wedding. I hope things between them work out, cause that should be one hell of a story for the kids. Anyway, after that I think everyone had a much better time.

Ulf got them a stay at a hotel as a gift, I'm a bit jealous I didn't think of it. I just got them fishing rods, since apparently that is a hobby of Mitch's. I've Fisk to thank for the tip. Fisk showed me something a bit more worrying too, at one point. He is concerned, I think personally and professionally, with some of the company Cia has been keeping. My hands are a little tied though. I mean, she's a grown up, and at this point I don't think it is something she doesn't want, though she might be, I don't know, waffling. Well, whatever happens, I'll just try to point her in the right direction and be there for her.

The more I deal with Ulf, the more I'm warming up to him. We had a lot of chances to talk at the party, about things. Family and that kind of stuff. I explained to him, about creches, and corporation. About how Silver is a bit traditional in some of his views. He's told me a bit about himself, and well. We all have pasts. His concern for Cia, and the way he looks at her, do him credit. My feeling is that she could be happy with him, though I don't know if he realizes what he would be in for. Still, he wouldn't be the first person that was able to put up a good front, so I'll keep an eye. I don't think Fisk likes him either, but, well. That probably isn't out of concern for the security threat he poses.

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