Journal 7/21/11

Well, I managed to corner Silver about where we might be headed in the future. Looks like he will be joining Electus Matari. They seem like a nice bunch, little straight-laced for my tastes, but Silver should fit in just fine. Not sure what I'm going to do with my podder status, not that it really matters, since I don't much fly anyway. Regardless, a new corporation means new opportunities I suppose.

Cia might end up there too, in the same corp even, Reawakened Technologies. She was talking about some of her options - among other things - with me at Fit to Fly. The pool there is open, and it's lovely.

Cia - well, she's managed to get herself in a bit of a situation, I guess. One which she's asked me not to do anything about, and I guess I won't, for now. If she wants it to be a personal matter, I have to respect that. Still, I just don't think she understands - really understands - what people can be like. She's so innocent.

If anyone does anything to take that away from her, I will do everything in my power to make sure they beg for a 'locking. As it is, I'm just going to resort to Silver's strategy for now. I will be very polite.

I do hope her second date with Ulf goes well though.

Anyway, with this corporate move, need to get things all bundled up, ready to be transferred. Need to make sure the crew knows what to expect, get them familiar with new guidelines, though thankfully there won't be too much oversight from RE-AW, from what I understand, on a crew level. At least we aren't losing many this time to the escape clause. Most of the crew seem to find the idea of working for the Republic more palatable than they did working for the Nation. Go figure.

Now, I have a shit-ton of work to do for this corporate change-over. Until next time journal.

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