Journal 7/8/11

Ran into Cia and Cami talking with CJ at the Bazaar in Rens today. Cami seems to have just bounced back, like nothing ever happened. It's incredible. Cia...

Cia seemed to be doing well. She was wearing a hat, to hide the scars, I guess. When I found her, back in the tunnels, when she told me what had happened to her, what he did to her to try and find out secrets. My secrets.

I told her once secrets could eat you up. I didn't mean it quite so literally. She's doing a lot better now, I think. I don't think she's dwelling on it much. I'm glad she came out alive, and not too... that she's ok.

Fisk is a different matter. He was there too, and I need to have a talk with him. Protective is good, on a personal security detail, but you can overdo it. He's jumpy, and newly wired, and that's no good at all. That's how bystanders get hurt.

Cami and CJ seemed to be getting along really well, at least. CJ took her to a shooting range while I was talking with Cia. It is going to be a wonder if we can keep that girl from getting ahold of a gun until she is ten, much less any longer. Apparently she has a bit of a knack. She won that animal at the festival on Debreth too.

I wonder, sometimes, if we're on the right path, Silver and I. When someone like CJ is on the 'other side.' Not my job to worry about it, I guess.

Anyway, had to break the news about Harefnem to Cia. Noone had told her yet. She was talking about maybe starting a foundation in his memory. I think that is something he would have liked. I hope whoever killed him gets what's coming to them.

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