Journal 7/17/11

Ran into CJ Walker at the Rens Bazaar. She seems like a good sort, though with her own scars from the past. Probably one reason she and Cia seem to get along so well. She had just been speaking to Cia actually, who I apparently managed to just miss.

From what CJ said, Cia is leaving White Rose. Happy to hear it honestly, I have some suspicions about Vikarion. Probably the war and everything finally tipped it for her. Need to talk to her, see what she might get up to next.

Meantime Silver's told me we are going to be looking for a new home of our own. He won't share why though. I need to corner him and get it out of him somehow. Beat him up or something. He has become much more closed lately, it's a pain in my ass.

The yearly crew marksmanship competition went off without a hitch, though it's beginning to seem like Sarakai is never destined for first place. She came in second this year, by all of a millimeter, in the hybrids category. The new girl - Taya Ruomi - managed to nab first. She's a natural I guess, and not even a marine. Works down in engineering. Might have to feel her out, see if she wants a change of pace.

Feel a bit sorry for Sarakai though. Losing again, and not even to a professional. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even think about how second place means she beat everyone else, including the guy who won last year. I know it wouldn't make me feel better about losing. Her birthday is coming up, I might have to ask Math'ra again about where he got that rifle he gave me, see if that won't cheer her up.

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