Journal 7/19/11

Cia and I went to the memorial for Dr Harefnem. It was at the same bar her father tried to poison her at, all that time ago. Least, it seems a long time ago. Harefnem's long time partner spoke. It's a fucking tragedy that couples like them have to keep things under wraps, and aren't treated better in the State. Hell, that right there accounts for a good chunk of Guristas recruitment. I've gotten a few decent employees that way myself, when we head out that way. People who don't 'fit in.'

It seems that the funeral customs from Debreth and some of those in the State have something in common too. The coins, for the dead, for one. Anyway, the ceremony reminded me a bit of Jan, of what I couldn't go and see because of who I was. I spoke a few words to my ancestors, for Harefnem. He's a good man, he should have the best reception in the afterlife. Oh! And Ciarente started a scholarship fund in Harefnem's name, I'll need to talk to Silver about contributing. Need to talk to him in general.

In happier news, Cia has officially left WRS. And she went on a date with Ulf. Plus she is talking about a second date without Cami around. I've gotta say, I'm awfully happy for her. Glad things are getting more, well, normal for her. Reminds me I could probably do a bit better in that area myself. Just seems like I'm so spirits-damned busy all the time. Speaking of, need to go.

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