Journal 7/2/11

It's over. At least, I think it is. We found Cia and Camille, and they are both going to be ok. Jorion put a bunch of shit in Cia's head, and her implants got burned out, all of them. Sanik fixed her all up though, took all the broken pieces out. They were being kept in tunnels, and then there was the flood and... Well, it got a little hairy there for a bit. Everyone came out alive though. Well, not Jorion or his weird Cia-doll, but everyone that matters. Seeing what Roth did to Cia....

When I find him, he is going to regret ever laying a finger on her.

But, happier things. Food at the Roth house was as good as I remembered, after we were checked out of the hospital. Got a good night sleep, felt as good as new. Or at least as good as factory refurbished.

The festival was everything Cia had described, even if we missed the start - being underground at the time.

Alain's was still being rebuilt, but after eating there again, I must say it was one of the better things I have ever spent my money on. Sarakai won a stuffed animal that was, I'll not exaggerate, twice her size. Camille and I caught some rides too. The whole thing was a blast. Cami is a wonder, she just bounced back from the whole thing.

Still, it'll be nice to be back in my own bunk, with no huge crisis going on.

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