Journal 7/13/11

Wanted to get some spares and take it easy, so I headed to the Rens Bazaar. Always something new to see, or someone new to meet there. Found my spares no problem. It's one of those places, you know? Where you could buy a Zainou made (or knockoff) actuator right next to a stand selling kofte in that delicious sauce.

Anyway, had my spares, was doing a bit of window shopping - not that anywhere there has real windows exactly - and ran into Cia. She's finally decided to do a bit of redecorating. Everything from the plates to the couch. It will be nice to be able to walk into her place without the visual assault that Camille managed to put together. And Cia met a guy!

His name's Ulf, he is Matariki Rain's cousin, I guess? Except not exactly? Sort of like creche-mates might not really be siblings, but we called each-other brother and sister. So, they are clan-cousins.

Ulf seemed very nice. He was helping Cia pick things out. He managed to convince Cia to take her hat off, told her that the injuries from what happened, and from the surgeries, that they are battlescars. Not a bad notion, true enough as far as I'm concerned. Cia still looked a little selfconcious, but it's for the best, I think. I'm afraid I did grill the man a bit, but he seemed to take it alright. Want to make sure anyone who's got Cia blushing checks out alright. EM are a stand up bunch from what I've heard, and I think he's a good guy.

Anyway, he had to leave, Cia and I were figuring out a plan for the furniture swap, and Fisk showed up. He's been taking his duties as Cia's head bodyguard seriously - very seriously. She had slipped away and he was nearly in a panic by the time he found us. He was having trouble handling it, the crowds. Saw threats everwhere. I'm beginning to think this isn't a simple matter of being a little jumpy after everything that has happened. I told him to see Nerila or a shrink. I'm not even sure he is fit for duty.

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