Journal 7/27/11

Got a message via Silver that Ulf wanted to talk to me. We met in Lenfa's Place again, at the Bazaar.

It turns out he was concerned, about Camille. Some of the attitudes she has. Her lack of empathy for other people. I told him it was probably that we were talking about the idea of people, and as a child, she probably just can't really connect with that. Something along those lines. I've seen how much she cares about people she does know, people she is connected to.

Truth is, I wonder sometimes myself, about her. Not in a bad way, but I suspect that she might be capable of a lot, maybe of greatness, of one kind or another. Or perhaps she will just be the universe's first Marine doctor pilot in Mordu's Legion.

Ulf had other questions, of a different nature. About the kinds of things women like. He had been getting rather exotic ideas from a book he was reading. I recommended he check out the non-fiction section, once I stopped laughing.

We chatted a bit more, about this and that. Family - well, not my family, unless you count Cia - crew, friends, that kind of stuff. The uncle, Uncle Keld, that he learned some of his woodcraft from, how we didn't lose nearly any crew when we announced the change to EM, a woman that Ulf had been helping who isn't in the best way now.

I think it's a good thing that Ulf is a podder, really, and a bit pretty for me.

Mata showed up. She's well into her second trimester now, and the topic came up. Pregnancy, and her and Jonny (which seems a bit of a complicated situation) and all. I wonder what it would be like, sometimes. Of course, I can't, and I'm not the mothering type anyway, but I wonder sometimes what I lost out on.

I can see a bit how Cia must have felt, being a bit confused about creches and things when we first talked about them too. I never had a mother, or any of that, and I just don't really get it, I guess.

I also need to remember to ask a bit more about their clan, Ulf's and Mata's. Atamahara. I'll make a note of it.

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