Journal 7/26/11

Adazai in engineering and Tukaya in supply were butting heads again. After putting out that little fire, I had Sarakai and the training rotations to worry about, made a bit more tricky by the hand we are lending Fisk. Then a safety drill, with a simulated breach on the main hangar deck. I had nearly forgotten I scheduled it, and I was tempted to change it, coming so soon after we moved. That's the point of drills though, you have to be ready any time.

In any case, it could have gone better. Had it been the real deal, the computer tells me we would have lost a substantial majority of the hangar staff, and had significant casualties through most of the rest of the ship. Including, for some reason, everyone who was in the galley. Go figure.

Arranged an hour or two to myself, so I took the short hop over to Rens. Wandered the Bazaar a bit, mostly just soaked it in. Stumbled on a great little sort of cafe, Lenfa's Place. Ulf was there, and I got another chance to have a sit down with him. Since I've grilled him more than a bit, I told him about myself. Just the regular stuff, old jobs, that kinda thing. He's easy to talk to.

He said if Cia- If things don't work out, with him and Cia, I would owe him a beer. I think I'd like that, maybe maintaining a friendship. Even if it seems like he might have... stronger views, about certain things. Right and wrong and all that. Camille wandered in, apparently Cia is letting her look at furniture for their new place. Anyway, I think she alarmed Ulf, a bit.

First we were talking about business, though I think I convinced her that taking over a station air supply and running it as a monopoly, where the options would be pay or suffocate, would be more trouble than it's worth. Then she started talking about controlling people, and TCMCs, and well. I'm not sure how upset Ulf got about it. I talked to her about it though, after he left, and hopefully it won't be a problem in the future.

She's hiding a lot, a lot of the effects from what happened to her and Cia, trying to be brave. She felt like it was wrong, that she was scared, that she's still scared, and I tried to tell her it's ok, and that she and Cia and I are all safe now. I don't know if it worked. Hearing that little girl say things like, "I tried. And I couldn't do anything. And she was screaming."

Well, just thinking about it makes me want to kill the bastard that put her through this all over again.

I took her back to the Fortune's Smile. Cia's officially in Re-Aw now, so we'll be working for the same corporation! I'm a bit excited about it. We got Cami in bed, and had a few drinks to celebrate, and got to talking, and... Well, I feel a little bad. I've been trying to not interfere with what's been going on with Cia. She's an adult, what she does with her life, it is all up to her. At the same time, I don't want to see her get hurt. We talked it over, and I hope the decision she came to is the right one. I think it is, at least for her to be happy longer term. I hope she can stick to it.

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