Journal 7/9/11

Went to the Gate for the first time in a long time, and it was great. Something about going back to a regular bar, it's like going home. Ran into Jack Madison, who was entertaining as always, particularly when he was making Cia blush. It is good, seeing her alive like that. Jack seems to be doing well. Getting into creative cargo running, like he was born doing it I'm sure.

Fisk was there too, and I took him aside to have a chat with him. told him he needed to dial it back, and that we would get him and his people training in close personal protection. I don't know if it helped, I don't know if he can dial it back. From what he said, he has been on edge, ever since Cia got back. Seeing threats everywhere. I don't know if it is what Vikarion did or what happened, but I don't think Fisk's quite right anymore. He said people 'all look wrong' to him now. At least overprotective isn't as bad as the alternative. I just hope he doesn't pop some civvie.

Anyway, I'm going to have Sarakai coordinate with him, get his people up to speed. There aren't that many of them, so it shouldn't be hard. Also means that they each have to do more, in a way, though. I just hope they're up to it. Hope that what happen helped the with resolve rather than destroying morale. Maybe it's something I should check for myself. Fisk might not be the only shook up one.

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