Journal 7/3/11

I just got the news, someone got to Harefnem. Killed him in his apartment. I'm going to kill the head of his security detail. Were they just standing around with their thumbs up their asses?

In any case, it's a tragedy. He was, I think, a good man, and a good doctor. Not to mention I don't know who's going to help keep Cia's head on straight. Nothing yet on trying to track down who was responsible, but I have my suspicions. Not a long list, the people who might have been concerned about his influence over Cia. In fact, right now it has exactly two people on it. Here I was thinking things would be easier. I wonder if Cia has heard or if I'll need to tell her?

In any case, we're heading home soon, with luck it will be sorted then. I was... well, I was a little worried that Cia and Camille would be staying here. It is terrible, because it is so dangerous out here, but I would have missed them. I'm glad they are staying where they are easy to visit. Looking forward to having a few drinks in the Gate ASAP I must say.

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