Journal 6/24/11

The autopsies are done. The one that Nerila did was pretty much as expected: All 6 marines were shot. She found something weird though, so she sent us Alpassi's head. Now, Alpassi was the one who shot the other five before someone - we're pretty sure Jorion - killed her with a bullet to the head at point blank range. Old Takosha - that is, CMO Takosha Nari aboard the Ideal here, did a more thorough examination of what was in Alpassi's head. Turns out the poor girl had a TCMC in there. Spirits but I wouldn't want to be in her shoes when she wakes up. I hope she copes alright.

As far as the trail goes, it went cold. Or something. We weren't that far behind, but the possibilities multiplied. First there were ten ships they could have been on, then a hundred, then thousands. So, we're good and fucked on that front.

Fisk will be back in action a little later, I need to make sure and swing by, talk to him. Make sure he's doing alright. Guy deserves a medal already.

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